Our Beliefs

We believe that we have the greatest news imaginable to share with you.

We believe that God, who created and cares for our world, has given us the Bible, to teach us about himself, about ourselves, and about the meaning of life. Since it is God’s word, the Bible is completely accurate and must be trusted and obeyed.

The Bible teaches that:

  • there is only one eternal God, who exists in a loving relationship of Father, Son and Spirit – one God in three persons.

  • humanity has been created by God and in his image, for the purpose of worshipping and enjoying Him.

  • when the first man, Adam rebelled, humanity was plunged into sin and brokenness and was separated from God. We now all naturally rebel against God’s authority and we justly deserve to be punished by him.

  • God has graciously given us an opportunity to be made right with him again. He did this by sending his son Jesus Christ into the world to live the perfect life we’ve all failed to live and to die an undeserved death in the place of rebellious humans. In this way, Jesus acted as a substitute and willingly took the punishment for those who will trust and follow him.

  • on the third day, Jesus came back to life, demonstrating that He has the ability to conquer death. He then returned to Heaven, promising that He would return on the last day.

  • forgiveness, peace, joy, purpose and eternal life, can only be found in Jesus! Anyone who turns from their rebellion and trusts that Jesus died on the cross for them, following him as Saviour and Lord, will be welcomed back into God’s family.

  • the Holy Spirit helps Christians live in obedience to Jesus and equips them to joyfully live on mission for him.

  • those who ignore or reject Jesus will face God’s just eternal judgement in Hell, while those who trust in Jesus will experience the eternal joy of Heaven.

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