1. God’s Creative Word

Genesis 1:1-2:3 – By the power of His Word, God created and defined the orderly world that we live in.

2. God’s Wonderful World

Genesis 2:4-25 – The focus shifts to a more particular description of the creation of Adam and Eve. God creates a world perfect for human life, the he creates humanity in perfect dignity, unity and peace.

3. Naked and Ashamed

Genesis 3:1-8 – In a few short verses humanity goes from being naked and without shame, to naked and ashamed. Why? The attractiveness of temptation and insidiousness of sin.

4. Paradise Lost

Genesis 3:8-24 – Genesis 3 is a chapter filled with thunderclaps of God’s judgement. However, we must not miss the whispers of God’s grace! There’s a wonderful promise that human life will go on. There’s a wonderful promise that Satan will be defeated. And there’s a wonderful promise that our God is willing and able to cover our sin and shame!

5. Sin’s Sinister Spread

Genesis 4:1-26 – Genesis 4 shows the progression of sin. But also God’s kindness is shown, as he allows the human race to continue, and even to call on his name.

6. Life, Death, Hope

Genesis 5 – This chapter offers the third creation account in Genesis, showing that the image of God continues post fall, and reminds us that we will all die. Through Adam’s transgression came death. But through God’s kindness the line of promise continues.

7. A Storm on the Horizon

Genesis 6:1-13 – The focus is the corruption of pre-flood humanity. God was grieved by their evil thoughts and actions

8. Enter the Ark

Genesis :13-8:1 – The command was to enter the ark. Only those who entered were safe.

9. The God Who Delivers

Genesis 8:1-9:1 – God remembered Noah and promised to never strike down all life as He did with the flood.