1. New World Old Problem

Genesis 9 – God’s promise to Noah was fulfilled. Noah was kept safe from the Flood. And God adds a further solemn promise marked by the rainbow.

2. The God Who Scatters And Gathers

Genesis 10-11 – Humanity multiplies upon the earth and seek to bring God down to the earth. But, God has other plans…

3. GOD’S Incredible Promise

Genesis 12-13 – Abram lies and gets into a bit of hot water with a Pharaoh. The result of which is wealth…

4. Faith In Action

Genesis 14 – Abram rescues Lot in the middle of a war, and meets one very peculiar King indeed.

5. God’s Gracious Covenant in God’s Good Times

Genesis 15-16 – God covenants with Abram that he will have numerous descendants and that they will be given their own land to dwell in. However, things get a little messy when Abram and Sarai take things into their own hands…

6. An Everlasting Covenant

Genesis 17 – God seals his covenant with Abraham with the sign of circumcision and promises a son through Sarah named Isaac.

7. Face to Face with God

Genesis 18 – Abraham and Sarah are visited by three men before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Sarah hears a humorously true tale, and Abraham pleads with God for mercy.

8. Sodom – and its aftermath

Genesis 18-19-The evil of two cities resulted in God’s judgement – and in the midst of judgement mercy on those who trusted him.

9. The Hero of the Story is?

Genesis 20-21 – Abraham repeats his deceitful interactions with yet another king. God however, faithfully begins to fulfil His promises…