1. The Source of Life

John 1:1-18 – Jesus is God in the flesh. All life, all creation comes through him

2. Jesus’ Remarkable Life

John 1:19-2:24 – John the Baptist came to prepare the people for the arrival of Jesus. Jesus is the one who is greater that john; the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

3. Christian Life

John 3 – There are only two ways to go in life – to believe and receive Jesus; or to reject Jesus in unbelief.

4. Looking in all the wrong places

John 4:1-26 – Jesus is the one who gives living water.

5. Identifying the Son of God

John 4:46-5:47 – Kasper Skar.

6. Eternal Life

John 6 – Rowland Lowther – The way to eternal life is by trusting Jesus at his word.

7. Water of Life

John 7:25-53 – Rowland Lowther – Jesus offers the opportunity to come to him for living water, for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

8. Light of Life

John 8 & 9 – Jesus is the light that illuminates all who come to him.

9. Jesus Our Shepherd

John 10:1-42